Russian Stock Market Reborn by Erdni


Russian Stock Market Reborn: after the liberalization of the economy in 1991. After the revolution in 1917 market stopped his activity and before 1991 didn’t function. However, since 1991 before 2001 Russian Stock Market was stuck, because of the low knowledge of Russian financial society. Only in the end of 2001, Stock Market started to growth after rising of the whole Russian economy. The stock market of Russia is relatively young, that’s why experts from USA, China, and Europe say that Russian Stock Market is emerging market. They explain that people can get big profit even more than in New-York stock market, but there are a lot of risks.
On the Russian stock market in the middle of 2000s it was marked by a number of positive changes: increased total sales, rose market liquidity, increased the degree of information transparency of its participants, significantly strengthened legal framework, new or significantly strengthened already tested mechanisms to protect the rights of investors. As a consequent, in 2011 Currency and Stock market united into the Private Joint Stock Company (PJSC) Moscow Exchange.

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